Having a son is the most beautiful experience for a lot of women. But the way is not clear, you do not finish to learn to be a mother. Every day brings new things. Sometimes you have afraid of  and consult a psyco…,other times ask your mother , and you discover that the things for you are so big, for her are simple things.

In other cases, when the children are growing up  you discover that the kids need a new mom. They don¨t want any hold, if you talk to them in public, it is embarrassing for them.Most of the times they are angry with you.And you are so sad. You do not know what happen.

I tell you something there is no a secret, or a magic stick, or nothing. THEY ARE JUST GROWING UP , Continue with them, give them advices, love them, do not fight with them. They feel lonely, they are unhappy with themselves: their face has changed, their emotions are not already the same, their interests have changed too. They are confused. You have to be there for them.




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